I am volunteering as an internet community designer. I am volunteering to do this official activity of Nadesiko, a programming language developed in Japanese.

Media public relations, event planning, management, etc.

Masato Mochizuki

Name: Masato Mochizuki

Handle name:

Prefectures:  Shizuoka Prefecture




Main past history


・2022/10 Exhibit at 2022 Good Design Shizuoka

・2022/04 Next version Nadeshiko v3.3.x (press release, etc.)

・2022/03 Conducted OSC online seminar (press release, etc.)

・2022/02Nadeshiko adopted as a learning course for university entrance exam preparation (press release, etc.)

・2022/01 Nadesiko & Himawari 20th Anniversary (planning, press release, etc.)


・ 2021/11 Correspondence between Nadesiko 3 and DNCL (planning, press release, etc.)

・ 2021/10 Nadesiko Questionnaire 2021 implementation (planning)

・ 2021/07 Participation in Shizuoka Prefecture Policy Review

・ 2021/07 Nadesiko 3 official book release (press release, planning)

・ 2021/04 "Nadesiko" adopted in junior high school (technical) textbooks (press release, etc.)

・ 2021/01 Nadesiko YouTube official video channel started

Please check the following for the contents before 2021. (Japanese)