🧷 2022/10/11 Exhibit at 2022 Good Design Shizuoka

🧷 2022/08/02 Photos taken during the hands-on learning

🧷 2022/05/15 Adopted in programming classrooms

🧷 2022/05/13 Online execution environment

🧷 2022/05/10 Nadesiko hashtag

🧷 2022/02/20 20th Anniversary and Events!

🧷 2022/01/17 Officially released the site

🧷 2022/01/03  Which is Nadesiko or Nadeshiko?

🧷 2022/01/02 Shizuoka and Nadesiko

🧷 2022/01/01 Pre-release the site


Exhibit at 2022 Good Design Shizuoka

The Japanese programming language Nadeshiko also excels in design.

Therefore💡, it will be exhibited at 2022 Good Design Shizuoka.

Adopted for programming classes nationwide

Nadesiko was adopted by a company (programming class) that is expanding nationwide.🌷

Adopted in online execution environment

Nadesiko has been adopted in Japan's major online execution environments.🎶

Nadesiko 20th Anniversary Site

Nadesiko, a Japanese programming language, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

A commemorative video is being released.🎉🎉

Which is Nadesiko or Nadeshiko?

There is a debate about whether the Japanese programming language Nadesiko is "Nadesiko" or "Nadeshiko".

Introduced in the Media

Introduced in the media about this site and about Nadesiko.📹